Mark Watson Kicks Off
ITV4 (8x40mins)
Mark Watson hosts a riotous, no-holds-barred sports panel show where points are awarded for unique opinions and sporting passion as well as correct answers. The panel is made up of special guests from the worlds of sport and entertainment each putting their own spin on the sporting week and answering some of the funniest and downright peculiar sports questions in history.

Katy Brand ‘Katy Brand Vs…’
ITV2 (6x30mins)
Award winning comedienne Katy Brand is on a mission to persuade some of the biggest international pop stars to write, record and perform alongside her in a spoof music video of their greatest hits. Katy Brand vs… pairs Katy with Shakira, The Sugababes, The Wanted, Sean Kingston, Mr Hudson and The Hoosiers. This is some of the world’s biggest music stars as no one has ever seen them before!

‘Movie Mash’
Channel 4 - Comedy Lab (1x30mins)
Spoof movie magazine programme that twists interviews of film stars and fake interview reverses into a very different breed of sketch show. Movie Mash features ‘re-versioned’ interviews with Steven Seagal, Nic Cage, Andie MacDowell and Keanu Reeves. The cast includes Dan Renton Skinner, Rufus Jones, Elliot Tiney and Morgana Robinson.

‘Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show’ – Series 3 (2009)
ITV2 / ITV1 (6x30mins) 
New characters include Jennifer Aniston, who would like you all to know 'she's fine, absolutely fine', and the lost Penelope Cruz audition tapes, from Four Weddings and a Funeral to Brokeback Mountain. New musical send ups too, including; Kanye West, Coldplay, Duffy, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Alexandra Burke, Rihanna, Little Boots, U2, The Saturdays, Rihanna, Blur and The Killers. Other new characters include: Violet, the unsuspecting wife of a serial killer; Oedipus Bex every young boy's nightmare nympho stepmum; and Gwyneth Paltrow uses the internet to tell you how to live your life...

‘BBC Imagine: Jay Z; He Came, He Saw, He Conquered’ (2008)
BBC One (1x60mins)
In this Imagine, Alan Yentob explores the life and work of the chart topping rapper and multi-millionaire business mogul Jay-Z. Over a period of six months, Alan follows Jay-Z through key moments in his career, including the media frenzy and build up to his triumphant headline gig at Glastonbury. Jay-Z gives an exclusive insight into his world, with backstage access to his concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, where Alan rubs shoulders with the stars and meets some of Jay-Z's friends including Chris Martin and P.Diddy.

‘Katy Brand’s Best Bits’ (2008)
ITV2 & ITV1 (1x30mins)
Compilation of Katy’s funniest characters and sketches.

‘Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show’ – Series 2 (2008)
ITV2 & ITV1 (6x30mins)
New pop star parodies for the second series included Amy Winehouse, The Ting Tings, Kate Nash, Leona Lewis, Mika, Usher, and Take That. Meanwhile new sketches included The Secret Diary of a Victorian Strumpet, hapless Olympic hopeful Cheryl Mirmikidis and East End gangster Her Majesty, The Queen.

‘Call Girls – The Truth’ (2007)
Channel 4 (1x60mins)
A rare and genuinely revealing insight into the world of high-class call girls looks at why, in a society of equal opportunities, many women are making a conscious decision to sell their bodies at a premium rate.  Featuring interviews from a range of women; from a mother of four to a student earning money for her studies.

‘Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show’ (2007)
ITV2 & ITV1 (6x30mins)
Sketch show starring Katy Brand spoofing of pop superstars and well-known actresses and celebrities. Regular characters include Kate 'Normal' Winslet who is determined to show the public she is just like them; Kate Moss and her BFFs Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney; and 'jack of all trades' Lilly Allen who will turn her hand to anything from acting to hair bleaching.

Original characters creations for the show include Captain 'Be The Best' Rosie who investigates life on the 'civvy streets' for Armed Forces TV; and Caroline Little Treats who tries to make sense of life armed with a billion Heat magazines and a vat full of wine.

‘Celebrities Without Slap’ (2006)
Channel Five (1x60mins)
We live in a world where much vicarious pleasure is taken from exposing celebrity’s weaknesses and flaws. Celebs Without Slap uncovers the boom business in ‘ugly celebrity photos’ and reveals just how these deeply flawed celebs are often transformed from trailer trash horrors to red carpet perfections in a matter of hours.

‘Slap’ (2006)
Channel Four – Comedy Lab (1x30mins)
Sketch show in which Katy Brand puts celebrity fakery under the spotlight, parodying stars including Kate Winslet and Kate Moss, presenting her own take on a bad nun and a woman-hating TA captain.

‘Boy George’s Queerest TV Moments’ (2005)
Channel 4 (1x60mins)
Boy George gives his own personal countdown of "mincing moments" from TV’s campest programmes.

‘Star Scandals’ (2005)
Channel 4 (1x60mins)

‘Fighting Talk TV’ (2004)
BBC Two (3x30mins) 
TV version of the hit radio series hosted by Johnny Vaughan.

‘Top Buzzer’ (2004)
MTV (10x30mins)
Johnny Vaughan’s sitcom about a pair of small-time drug dealers.  The world’s first 'dope opera' and follows the loves and laughs of two small-time cannabis dealers Lee and Sticky and the rather colourful characters who come and visit them. 

‘Johnny & Denise – Passport to Paradise’ (2004)
BBC One (6 × 60mins)
Big Breakfast hosts, Jonny Vaughn and Denise Van Outen are reunited for this live Saturday night show. A combination of competitions, games and outside broadcasts that allowed the studio audience, viewers at home, and even people out and about on their Saturday evening, to join in the fun. Johnny and Denise surprised members of the public in the studio and at events around the U.K. and each week one lucky person was given the chance to win a trip to their dream paradise location.

‘Live at Johnny’s’ (2004)
BBC3 (30x30mins)
Innovative five nights a week entertainment show, live from Johnny’s garden shed.  ‘Live at Johnny’s’ was the first TV show to feature photo-messaging via mobile phone.

‘Johnny Vaughan Tonight’ – Series Three (2003)
BBC3 (27x30mins)
Third series of the BBC comedy talk show.

‘Dead Casual’ (2002)
1x30mins (BBC3)
Written by Johnny Vaughan and starring Sophie Okonedo, Danny Dyer, Charlie Creed Miles and Daniel Mays, ‘Dead Casual’ is a comic thriller about a group of young lads caught up in a murder in the build up to the 2002 World Cup.  

‘Johnny Vaughan Tonight’ – Series’ One & Two (2002)
BBC1 & BBC Choice (46x30mins)
Hilarious late night comedy talk show; a mix of celebrity guests - Jennifer Lopez, Colin Farrell, Matt Damon etc – and comedy sketches including mini soaps ‘Magicians in Love’, ‘Clowns Across the Pennines’ and ‘Johnny’s Channel’.

‘Adam & Joe’s American Adventure’ (2001)
Channel 4 (10x6mins)
Hybrid sketch show featuring characters created and played by Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish who set off to America to find out more about the world of cartoons and animation.

‘Our Toon’ (2001)
Channel 4 (7x30mins)
Celebrities talk about their favourite cartoons.

‘Watch Without Mother’ (2000)
Channel 4 (1x124mins)
Affectionate look at classic cult children’s programmes of the 70s and 80s.

‘Pornorama’ (1999)
Channel 4 – Comedy Lab (1x30mins)

‘The Johnny Vaughan Film Show’ (1999)
Channel 4 (7x30mins)
Alternative film review and comic sketch show hosted by Johnny Vaughan.

‘Goin Down to South Park’ (1999)
Channel 4 (1x50mins)
Hilarious mockumentrary chronicling the genesis of ‘South Park’ as told though interviews with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (predominantly from a jacuzzi) and other members of the South Park cast and crew. Also featuring rare clips of Matt and Trey’s earlier works such as ‘The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Frosty)’, ‘American History’, and many more.



‘Fighting Talk’ (2003 – on-going) 
BBC 5Live (11 series, 60mins eps)

Now in its 17th series, Fighting Talk is BBC 5live’s multiple Sony Award winning Saturday morning topical sports comedy show. The first series began in October 2003 and was hosted by one of the show’s originators, Johnny Vaughan.

After the first series ended in April 2004, Johnny left to present the Capital FM Breakfast Show and Christian O'Connell took over in the chair. In 2004 Fighting Talk won a Gold SONY Award at the 24th SONY Radio Awards, the jury describing it as “Consistently the best weekly sport show on British Radio.” Christian’s last show came in December 2005, and featured his four favourite guests - John Rawling, Steve Bunce, Greg Brady and Bob Mills.

Colin Murray took over as presenter in February 2006 during which time the show went from strength to strength. The show took to the road, performing live on air in front of thousands of fans in cities all over the UK including Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, Newcastle, Birmingham, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds and Sheffield.

Following presenting stints by Christian O’Connell, Jonathan Pearce, Matt Johnson, Josh Widdicombe and Georgie Thompson, Colin returned to Fighting Talk in 2017 and continues to host the show into its 17th series.

The ‘Fighting Talk’ book, written by FT regular Will Buckley, was published in 2008 by Hodder & Stoughton, and is, of course, available to buy at all good retailers: 

‘Joni Mitchell: Come in from the Cold’ (2007)
BBC Radio 2 (2x60mins)

As Joni Mitchell puts the finishing touches to her first album of new songs for nine years, she talks to double Ivor Novello Award winning Amanda Ghost about the effect her music has had on the world, why she dropped out of the hit-making rat race and what it was that brought her back to songwriting and recording as a form of creative expression. This two part series is illustrated with famous and less widely known Mitchell recordings.

‘Fighting Talk: Any Other Business’ (2007) 
BBC Radio 5Live (5x60mins)

Hosted by the original FT host Johnny Vaughan convenes a panel of four guests to win 'points for punditry' and wring comedy from current affairs, by applying their brilliant brains to the burning news & current affairs issues of the day. Fighting Talk AOB is unofficial, informal and unpredictable.

‘Adrenalin Anthems’ (2008) 
BBC Radio 5Live (1x60mins)

We all have our favourite music to inspire us on our music players or a favourite driving CD in the car to listen to.  But what do sports stars listen to minutes before their moments of greatness?  In this programme Colin Murray finds out what tunes inspire sporting legends and find out from the experts if the Rocky theme can really improve performance in the gym. Contributors include Jermaine Jenas, James Degale, Pat Cash, Glasvegas and Liam Howlett.